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Ikea Just Bought Some Awesome, Bendy Lighting Tech | Co.design | Business + Design

Best Hands-Free Kitchen Appliances - TIME

moen-hands-free-faucet Its specialty is something called the Light Tile. Its essentially a grid of LEDs embedded in resin, forming an LED blanket that's less than 1 millimeter thick. The blanket can be wrapped inside a product to make it glow while drawing very little power. Over at the Design LED Products website, you can see all sorts of ways Ikea could use the lights: bulbless lamps where the lampshade itself lights up; curvy, sculptural overhead lights that look straight out of a modern art museum. The technology can also illuminate LED screens (like televisions or pocket gadgets).

Everyday Cheapskate: Six silly gadgets that make life easier - TwinCities.com

Many of them come with their own advanced features, and some can be moved entirely out of the way with ease if needed. And while we're on the subject... What other features should I look for? Refrigerators have come a long way since the debut of the egg holder and the butter bin. These days, you'll find a wide variety of features designed to bring a whole new level of functionality to your fridge. With the endless parade of trademarked names and bold claims, figuring out what you really need can quickly become overwhelming. So, which features are worth it? Take care of the foods you love First, think about the things you like to cook and/or eat, then look for features that take really good care of those things.

Price: From $510 at Amazon , $660 (varies by model) from moen.com Simplehuman Sensor Pump With Caddy Simplehuman Simplehuman calls its products tools for efficient living, and I can think of nothing more efficient than holding a sponge or my hand under a dispenser for a preset amount of soap without having to touch the dispenser or shake a tube of gel. While there are other automated soap dispensers on the market, this one includes a brushed nickel, removable caddy for the dish sponge so it stays put rather than getting buried under a pile of dirty dishes at the bottom of the sink. I particularly like the volume control that lets me set how much liquid I want dispensed, so I wont get a huge glob when all I really want is a little dab. The sensor (powered by four AA batteries) on the front easily senses my sponge, my hand or even a utensil, and since the sponge is stored on the side, I dont get accidental drips on my hand. The sensor can be turned off for cleaning, and the caddy comes off for easy cleaning. Most of the Amazon comments I read about this product are quite positive, with a few complaints about drips. Theres a flexible silicon valve that opens to dispense the liquid and closes immediately to create a seal, so there are no drips.

Refrigerator Buying Guide - CNET

Curious to learn the story behind your favorite boutique's name? Nominate them for a feature by sending us an email at dc@racked.com. View photo . If you have a knack for quirky gadgets for your kitchen and home, like beautifully designed toilet plungers and top-notch martini shakers, you've got to shop 14th Street's funky home goods store with the so-Washington name of Home Rule. Greg Link opened the store with the intentions of keeping the name local while also reflecting the functionality and everyday nature of the store's merchandise. Originally Link was planning on calling the store DC Basics, but because the name was too similar to Basics Cafe on U Street, he sought out an alternative. While driving home from Charlottesville one afternoon, he was struck with a great idea to title his shop based on a pun on the 1973 congressional act. D.C.

State Fair Like A Family Reunion For Grandstand Sellers « CBS Minnesota

wccoradiologo1 State Fair Like A Family Reunion For Grandstand Sellers You apply it, shape it and watch it transform into a durable, waterproof rubber with amazing properties. It comes in a bevy of colors, which makes it a crafter's dream come true. I have so many DIY projects crying out for Sugru, I don't know where to begin. WakeUp Light. Call it a lamp or call it an alarm clock, either way you'll be right on. This gadget wakes you up by simulating sunrise -- not with a blasting, loud, annoying noise. You set the time that you want to wake up, and then it gradually increases light for 30 minutes, allowing you to wake up naturally.

Namecalling: How 14th Street's Funkiest Kitchen and Bath Store Got Its Name - Yahoo News

home%20rule.jpg Cindy Peterson makes and sells keepsakes for pregnant women, and until recently she hadnt heard of the Minnesota State Fair. After meeting a fair representative at a show in Las Vegas, she applied for a spot and got one in the Grandstand. Oh my gosh. We were so surprised.

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