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Payan?s Payback - Young World Inventors: Lessons From Africa

His original design for the Kenya Stove aims to conserve lives, trees, Kenyan shillings plus gas. Our shooting team caught Payan in his unique workshop last February and edited this awesome video with Payan as he and his hot team completed a big order. What do you need to learn? Well ask Payan in September when we shoot another session with him plus understand a lot more about what makes Payan tick. Whats happened inside the previous six months?Why didnt he discover the challenge he required in the U.S.
restaurant equipment http://youngworldinventors.com/payans-payback/

CRESCENT Cast Iron Stove Night Light by XVIPaws about Etsy

This is a early 50's CRESCENT Cast Iron Stove Replica, when employed by a sales guy of Crescent Stove! Much easier to carry door to door, This miniature replica, made from cast iron has been detailed exactly to the characteristics of the real thing, right down to the kettle. This classic Crescent Stove has been converted by XVI Paws to be treasured again. This elegant nightlight is certainly an eye catcher, and conversational part, ideal for any room inside a house. The flickering, amber, candle design light, delivers a warm glow, and relaxing ambience! Inside the stove we will find a vase, and access by the cooking surface, where you can display fresh cut flowers that can complement and add elegance to a evening light.
kitchen gadget https://www.etsy.com/listing/153228082/crescent-cast-iron-stove-night-light

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