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The Best Of The Cooking Channel: Rachel Allen: Bake!


Many frugalista foodies and wise wine lovers are now taking advantage of cheaper airfares and traveling to Italy despite the strong Euro. They want to indulge this year in an Italian cooking school tour but at an affordable price.

The Whole Enchilada: Cooking classes. Give him the skills he needs to be a great chef this pyrex Christmas by giving the gift of cooking classes. Of course you'll want to research and choose a school in your area, but an example is the New School of Cooking in the Los Angeles area. This cooking school offers both professional-track and basic cooking and baking classes for tuition ranging from $325 to $2500. You could also select a few one-time courses on specific topics (for example, a Fresh Pasta Workshop for $95 or Baking with Chocolate for $90). The choice is yours, but he'll love this Christmas gift.

There are characteristics that you must possess in order for you to become a successful pastry chef. First of all, you will need to be really detail oriented. A little mistake in the recipe or preparation of any kind of pastry will affect the whole recipe. The second characteristic you must possess is being organized. Measure everything and prepare all ingredients and materials before actually starting the baking process. You must be very hard working. If you become a pastry chef, you will find out that you need to wake up really early in order for you to finish everything before people start buying your products. In addition to this, a lot of cleaning up and washing needs to be done as well. You cannot skip on this part because you have to prioritize cleanliness.

Before you choose a degree in chef training, make sure that the pay rate is something you are willing to go to school for. How much you will gross will depend on your location and experience. The average chef makes around $40,000 (annually). This figure can rise or decline. By doing an online search, you can obtain a closer estimate.

Put an "out of office" message on your email, and record an away message on your office voicemail. Do NOT give out your cell phone number "in case of an emergency." Trust us. It's amazing what some people think constitutes as an emergency these days!

The second thing you will need is a sense of exploration. Don't go into this journey with preconceived notions about that Reds are ONLY to be drunk with red meats and Whites are ONLY for fish and poultry. And while that may be the "standard" that is recommended, I will offer this suggestion that I received from one of my professors in culinary school, "Drink what you like. Cook with what you like. If you don't like it, why use it?" You may fall in love with a wonderful full bodied red wine that goes fantastic with a salmon dish. The possibilities and combinations are endless, do not be afraid to live a little and try something new.

Another thing of Bangkok is that you can just enjoy the best restaurants in town for not really that much of money. So you really can enjoy the great food they have here, be it Thai food or foreign food.

These are just two of the options and there are many more cooking classes in New York. For example, those looking for experience in the restaurant field might want to gain experience in a working restaurant, such as the popular CamaJe. Whatever it is that you need, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for!

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